sostenibilidad y medio-ambiente

Sustainability and enviroment

All of our cardboard comes from sustainable forests, cultivated forests, which are continually used and re-planted. The use of water in our industry is minimal and we take maximum care over our recycling and reuse policies.

If you would like to know more about sustainability and the cardboard cycle, just click on this link and download the PDF »

The value of people

We consider the relationship with our customers to be like permanent collaboration agreements, based on the trust provided by our highly qualified professionals.

We aim to continuously provide extra differential quality, both technical and, essentially, human.

We integrate in our partner-customer’s product.

Our contribution

We contribute ideas, concepts and knowledge, we protect and strengthen your products, we accompany you wherever you go.

Simple and natural elements which are full of meaning.

We collaborate to ensure your products produce emotions and are attractive in their own right.

Additional services

Being at the right place and in the right proportion.

Our service does not end at the product, but rather it works alongside it.

Because we share with our customers common Logistical problems, we provide innovative solutions to resolve them.